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“U.S.-based companies spend $25 - $35 billion processing (filing, storing and retrieving) paper. Management of documents pushes that figure to $100 billion per year.”
– International Data Corporation

What are you spending on your paper-based HR document management?

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Searching for paperwork wastes time and money.
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Percent of HR’s time spent searching for documents:

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Calculate how much you could be losing on your entire HR staff.

Studies estimate 30% of "knowledge workers'" time is spent searching for documents. Considering how many documents HR manages for each employee, the percentage is probably significantly higher.

  • OSHA
  • I-9
  • Hiring and employment records
  • Payroll records
  • Timesheets
  • Employee benefits
  • Tax records
  • Safety Data
  • Family medical leave records
  • Credit records
  • Affirmative action plan/data
  • Driving test records
  • ACA Records

Sources: Delphi Group, International Data Corporation, Paperless Projects, & The Boston Globe.


Average HR Employee Salary: $


Time Spent Searching

hours per year

What could your Human Resources department accomplish if more of their time were spent on strategic initiatives like talent acquisition, retention and engagement?

Total Cost:

per year

This number focuses on the cost of paper-based HR document management. However, it does not account for the cost to recover lost documents, which can cost between $350 - $700 per document. When you consider organizations lose a document every 12 seconds, these costs quickly add up.

Source: Paperless Project

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