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As a trusted provider of HR and online payroll services, Paycom offers a full-service HCM and payroll software solution to manage payroll and the complete employment lifecycle, from hire to retire. We hope the below Paycom reviews will help you in your evaluation of HR management software and online payroll service providers.

Paycom HR and Payroll Reviews

Founded in 1998 as a payroll software company, Paycom’s product offerings have grown to encompass the full human capital management (HCM) suite, including HR and payroll software as a service for small, medium and large businesses. Paycom helps companies in a variety of industries manage payroll and HR functions effectively and efficiently.

Since day one, Paycom has been committed to innovation by offering cutting-edge HR and payroll software that lowers labor costs, drives employee engagement and reduces exposure. Paycom’s cloud-based HR and payroll software not only helps clients manage payroll, but provides tools for the complete employment life cycle of talent acquisition, time and labor management, talent management and HR management.

We’re proud to provide a level of customer service and satisfaction that’s unmatched in the HCM and payroll industry. Much of our success is due to our data security, time-effective payroll software and user-friendly interface which manages payroll and HR functions. Another differentiator for Paycom is the level of pride we take in listening to customer feedback, especially Paycom reviews. Our monthly product updates show just how seriously we take feedback and thanks to our proprietary, single-database HCM application, we are able to quickly implement enhancements and new products to our HR and payroll software.

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We built our HR and payroll software in a secure cloud database. Paycom’s online HR and payroll software suite of applications is developed in-house for your safety and security. Our protected web portal was built to help organizations manage payroll and HR functions, but was designed for ease of use for executives, managers and employees.

Paycom Reviews

We take customer feedback very seriously and have compiled several Paycom reviews. If you’ve worked with our staff, feel free to write a Paycom review of our HR and payroll software. If you’re uncertain about submitting a Paycom review, rest assured that privacy and security is of utmost importance to us. Your Paycom reviews will be posted with unidentifiable information.

Your Paycom review will help businesses like yours realize how easy it is to manage payroll and HR functions when they partner with Paycom. We are continually enhancing and developing our customer service and HR and payroll software to help our clients.

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We’ve helped thousands of companies manage payroll better. But don’t take our word for it. See what Paycom’s customers are saying.

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  • We Should’ve Switched Sooner!

    “When we sat down and reviewed all the great features Paycom could offer us, we were blown away! Some of the biggest growing pains we have had as we've expanded the business the last few years could be easily solved. The only regret is not switching sooner and making our lives easier. Our Paycom team delivered on everything they said they would. I highly recommend Paycom's products and services!"

    — AndrewVP of FinanceFood Industry
  • We Evaluated 12 Payroll Services and Paycom Won

    “We were very thorough in our process of selecting an HRIS/payroll system to make sure we had the right fit. Securing a good product, one that fulfilled our human resource needs from start to finish, was extremely important to us. We started with 12 vendors and narrowed the field to two. Paycom won our business for several reasons, mainly due to their reporting capabilities and ease of website use, both administratively and for employee access.”

    — JanHR and Office ManagerProfessional Services
  • Payroll Reporting Sold Me

    “It is my pleasure to recommend Paycom. The report writer portion of the system is what really sold me on Paycom. It is actually in English instead of codes and difficult formats. You simply click on pieces of the report that you want and it does the rest. I no longer dread having to figure out how to put a report together. In the past we have used three other vendors. I highly recommend Paycom, it's systems and it's team. Job well done!”

    — SueDirector of Human ResourcesFood Industry
  • Single-Database Payroll Software

    “We made the decision to switch from ADP to Paycom. We chose Paycom because we could utilize their Payroll products in a single-database solution.”

    — DanyraHuman Resources OfficerEducational Services
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  • Smooth Transition to Manage Payroll

    “We are very pleased with Paycom and are extremely impressed with the professional team you have on staff, who diligently worked to ensure an easy and smooth transition and training process.”

    — CindyPresidentFinancial Services
  • On-site Payroll Training

    “Throughout the setup process, training was provided to our HR staff to give us the understanding we needed for product areas. The week we went ‘live,’ our rep was here and sat one-on-one with each office manager to ensure the payroll process was explained and done on time. They even provided support on a Sunday! After leaving a provider that converted horribly and experiencing constant processing problems, this conversion was a breeze!”

    — CarolHR Benefits ManagerTransportation Industry
  • Payroll Software Fits Like a Glove

    “Hands down, there isn’t another provider out there that can truly deliver what you do. You have a very-well trained, professional, courteous and personable team of people, and it makes all the difference for us, not to mention that your system fits like a glove.”

    — NatalieHR GeneralistFinancial Services
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  • High Level of Customer Service

    “We are very happy with the decision to switch to Paycom, and I am very pleased with the level of customer service provided!”

    — JenniferPayroll/Human ResourcesTechnical Services
  • Easy-to-Use Payroll Software

    “Compared to others, I feel that Paycom's payroll system is much easier to use. I appreciate that I have a dedicated Paycom specialist assigned to my account, and even if he’s not there, someone in his group is always there to pick up the call.”

    — ConnieHR and IT ManagerFood Industry
  • One-Stop Payroll Software

    “Paycom gives us a one-stop solution for time management, payroll, onboarding new hires, managing government compliance and applicant tracking. We have experienced increased efficiency, mobility and cost savings by consolidating these critical HR functions into one platform.”

    — ChristineHuman Resources ManagerEducational Services
  • Payroll Software That Will Grow With Us

    “We are a new company and needed a new payroll system that had the capability to grow with us. We wanted to have a level of comfort that whoever we engaged to help with our payroll needs would be honest and forthright. Paycom has exceeded our expectations in all areas.”

    — BenChief Financial OfficerProfessional Services
  • I Have a Designated Account Specialist!

    “I am impressed with the fact that I have a designated account specialist assigned to my account rather than getting in touch with a call center and getting a different customer service rep each time I call in for help. With Paycom, processing payroll is an easier task. If there is a problem, my account specialist is easily accessible.”

    — ChristineAdministrative SecretaryPublic Administration
  • Customer Service Goes Above and Beyond

    “I would recommend Paycom to any company that is looking to simplify their payroll process and enhance their HR needs while providing their employees with a user-friendly system. But more importantly, I would recommend Paycom because their customer service is above and beyond the norm, and that is priceless.”

    — BridgetPHR/CPPManufacturing Industry
  • Friendly and Professional Payroll Services

    “I have been pleased with Paycom's payroll services. Paycom’s staff members are friendly, professional and always willing to assist me with any questions and/or technical services that I need. I would recommend Paycom for any company’s payroll solution.”

    — CherieDirector of Human ResourcesNonprofit Organization
  • Easy to Use Payroll Software

    “Your technology was obviously designed with the customer in mind.”

    — ShanaHuman Resources DirectorEducational Services
  • Payroll Answers in One Phone Call

    “I’m so pleased that I can call Paycom and get an issue resolved with one phone call.”

    — CherylHuman Resources ManagerManufacturing Industry
  • Top-Notch Customer Service

    “Paycom’s customer service is top-notch.”

    — BeckyHuman Resources ManagerFinancial Services
  • Cost-Effective Payroll Software

    “You will not find a better company to work with and a better product for the price.”

    — AmyHuman Resources ManagerManufacturing Industry
  • Payroll Services That Save Time and Energy

    “Paycom manages the HR duties that were consuming so much of my time and energy. Our employees now have access to view their time sheets, pay stubs, request time off online and have access to company documents, as well as previously signed documents. All of which have helped us in our goal to be paperless."

    — CindyPresidentFinancial Services
  • We Finally Found a Good Payroll Provider

    “Paycom was highly recommended to us and we were anxious to find a good payroll provider. We have worked with three other systems in the past and are very pleased with Paycom. We are impressed with how easy Paycom is to use and look forward to continue working with your professional team.”

    — YeamahHuman Resources ManagerNonprofit Organization
  • We’re Impressed!

    “Both employees and managers here have been very pleased with Paycom – and this is not a crew that is easy to impress. You will receive the utmost professionalism, expertise and customer care.”

    — AngieManager of Human ResourcesProfessional Services
  • Paycom Has Made Our Payroll More Efficient

    “We moved to Paycom because Paycom’s HRIS system, combined with its single-database solution, provided the best solution for us as a company. Additionally, Paycom’s on-site support for employee trainings and the first payroll helped us feel more comfortable during the initial implementation process. Paycom has exceeded our expectations thus far and has really helped make our internal processes more efficient.”

    — TerriVP of Finance and AdministrationFinancial Services
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  • Our Employees Love Paycom’s Payroll Software

    “All of our employees love the Paycom time cards. Technologically savvy or not, they all understand how to use the system. Paycom is the perfect fit for our company; with employees all over the country, it is ideal to have an online payroll system that is easy to use. Paycom is reliable, convenient and efficient. I would recommend Paycom to any company.”

    — BrittniFinancial AdministratorProfessional Services
  • Easy to Learn and Intuitive

    “After working in a co-employer environment with a PEO, we were ready to take back control of our employees and payroll. Paycom made our transition not only simple, but enjoyable as well. All of our needs were met and Paycom’s software is easy to learn and intuitive. After our first payroll, we were up and running with no issues! We are very pleased with our decision to do business with Paycom.”

    — EugenePresidentTransportation Industry
  • Recruiting Has Never Been Easier

    “One of our favorite features has been Applicant Tracking since it automates the recruiting and interview processes. This has helped us find qualified candidates to fill our open positions faster than ever. Keeping track of candidates, hiring employees and setting them up in the system is a very simple process now.”

    — JamillePayroll and HR CoordinatorProfessional Services
  • Increased Efficiency to Grow Our Organization

    “Paycom has increased our efficiency by giving us an easy-to-follow, quick process to manage payroll. This has allowed us to focus on growth strategies for our organization. As a small firm, it is essential to maximize the output of our staff – Paycom has helped us do this.”

    — AshleyVice President of Land OperationsProfessional Services
  • One-on-One Customer Service Sold Me

    “We evaluated six different companies (including Paycom) to see who might be the best company to partner with for our future payroll. While I was already impressed by and preferred the system functionality to other payroll vendors, it was ultimately the one-on-one customer service that made our implementation so smooth. Paycom is one of the only vendors that assigns a designated ongoing customer service rep and I must say that my ongoing communication with our rep has continued to be so professional, timely and helpful.”

    — LizHuman Resources ManagerEducational Services
  • On-site Payroll Services

    “After evaluating several different vendors, we decided that Paycom was the only solution for us. One of the major deciding factors, aside from the technology, was that someone was going to be on-site and with us throughout the transition. In addition to payroll, Paycom was able to offer more robust HR, timekeeping and reporting tools all in a single system. We are very thankful to have Paycom as a true partner!”

    — MatthewBusiness ManagerEducational Services
  • User-Friendly Payroll Software

    “Changing payroll providers can be a tough decision - one we did not take lightly. After months of exhaustively reviewing our options, we are pleased to say that we are very impressed with the system and service we have received from Paycom. Through the tax credits we now receive using Paycom, our company is not only more efficient, but we are looking forward to being more profitable as well.”

    — EdwardPresidentTransportation Industry
  • Paycom’s Payroll Software Is Unmatched

    “I had experiences with several different payroll systems and I can honestly say Paycom’s product is unmatched in functionality. The system is both intuitive and customizable to the needs of our business, and serves as an excellent tool in streamlining my processes. Not only is the product the best one out there, the service is unlike any other I have seen.”

    — DeenaOperations ManagerFood Industry
  • Our Company Runs More Efficiently and Accurately

    “We are Paycom fans. The pay information we now receive is more accurate and clearer than ever before; their system is intuitive and easy to use; and, because of Paycom, our company is run more efficiently and accurately.”

    — WilliamCo-ControllerProfessional Services
  • Trusted Payroll Services

    “I know I can count on the Paycom team to help us with any issue that may arise. I can see all our tax liabilities are being filed and paid timely. I would certainly recommend the software and the team to help you through any issues that a company may encounter during transition and, more importantly, once you are live. The team is very friendly and very easy to work with.”

    — ThomasControllerProfessional Services
  • Payroll Software That Meets Our Needs

    “In my 30 years of work experience, Paycom has been the only payroll company that has met the needs of our company and our employees. Since we have been with Paycom, we have become 100 percent paperless, and employees have access to their secured employee documents 24/7. All of the Paycom employees who have been involved in our account have been a pure joy to work with. I would highly recommend Paycom.”

    — SandraControllerRetail Industry
  • The Best Payroll Software

    “Hands down, Paycom is the best HRIS or payroll program any of us have ever used. We have used several large providers who promised a lot, but delivered largely frustration and disappointment. What we have consistently found in all Paycom products are comprehensive and highly useful capabilities matched with a truly straightforward, user-friendly interface and fast, reliable access.”

    — StarrRegional Human Resources ManagerManufacturing Industry