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When fully staffed with high-performing workers, you can meet goals and satisfy customers. Yet, you face unique challenges that can consume time and profits.

Paycom’s single-application payroll and HR software is designed to help your company improve productivity, control labor costs and simplify compliance.

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Challenge 1: Align Resources and Operations
with Demand

Matching human capital resources to operational needs is the key to keeping unit labor costs under control, providing efficient service and maintaining customer satisfaction.

With Paycom, you can manage, schedule and train your workforce; maximize labor utilization rates; and accommodate seasonal demand.

Paycom can help you...

  • calculate and track shift differentials
  • receive alerts when employees are approaching overtime
  • train employees on emerging technology
  • measure labor costs and forecast seasonal labor needs
  • reassign duties, based on employees’ skill sets and workloads

Challenge 2: Mitigate Risks

Because labor costs often consume between 50 to 70 percent of a distribution center’s budget, workforce-related risks can hurt the bottom line.

Paycom’s all-in-one human capital management technology can help you minimize liability across the board, from creating a safety-focused culture to eliminating time theft.

Paycom makes it easy to…

  • eliminate “buddy punching” with biometric time clocks
  • avoid understaffing with labor management tools
  • incorporate safety initiatives into performance reviews
  • comply with FMLA, COBRA, OSHA, EEOC, workers’ comp, ACA and more

Challenge 3: Labor Shortages and High Turnover

Skilled labor shortages and high workforce churn makes it difficult to keep your warehouse or distribution facility fully staffed. But maintaining optimum staff levels is crucial to preventing service interruption for customers and meeting organizational goals.

Paycom’s single-database payroll and HR solution automates the recruiting, hiring and training processes so you can maintain peak operating efficiency.

With Paycom, you can...

  • create a customizable database of applications searchable by license or certification
  • perform background checks and E-Verify® with the click of a button
  • improve day-one productivity of new hires with paperless onboarding
  • create customized training programs and track employees’ course completions
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