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Our Manager on-the-Go software allows managers to:

    • edit and approve timecards
    • approve punch change requests
    • approve time-off requests
    • view the team’s time-off calendar
    • view employee schedules, reassign shifts and approve exchange requests
    • approve expenses for reimbursement
    • create and approve personnel action forms
    • view employee accruals, demographics, pay rates and taxes
    • respond to employee questions automatically routed to them
    • develop interactive video training materials
    • view applications with resumes
    • move candidates through or out of the hiring process
    • add feedback to candidate files and notify recruiters

*Employer setup and permissions determine functionality.

business man using tool for managers on mobile phone

Why a mobile app for managers is essential

Work doesn’t stop when managers are away from their desks. Time-off requests, expense reports and more continue to pile up — and late approvals sink employee engagement and erode trust.

With no additional login from Employee Self-Service®, Manager on-the-Go allows managers to knock out frequent supervisory tasks when and where it’s convenient for them:

  • on the floor or in the field
  • waiting for the elevator
  • before their next meeting starts
Manager Self Service desktop

Manager Self-Service

On desktops, our Manager Self-Service software offers additional functionality. With access levels set so managers see only what they need to, they're able to:

  • create and manage employee schedules
  • monitor employee performance with established competencies and goals
  • view and export analytics
  • and more

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