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Recruit top talent, build company culture and simplify HR processes across the organization.

Streamline HR processes

Running a successful large business is not without its challenges. We understand you’re dealing with things like:

  • facilitating the assessment of employees whose goals may not be aligned with the goals of your organization
  • finding and hiring top talent while navigating disjointed systems and inefficient processes
  • ensuring your employees are paid accurately and on time — no small feat when juggling multiple systems and manual processes
  • implementing meaningful change without the ability to measure employee engagement, staff morale and supervisor effectiveness

One simple solution

Streamline foundational processes around HR administration so you can focus on growing your business. With Paycom, you can:

  • use a streamlined system to track employee performance and conduct fair appraisals
  • recruit the best candidates and quickly get them hired and onboarded
  • experience seamless payroll processing with anytime, anywhere access and zero data re-entry
  • measure employee engagement, staff morale, supervisor effectiveness and more, in real time, through easy-to-deploy surveys

Retain and engage talent

In a highly competitive job market, it’s important that your business stands out. Prospective employees look for more than a paycheck; they want opportunities to learn and grow. Set your business apart with:

  • Performance Management for streamlined employee and manager appraisals
  • Paycom Learning for consistent training and ongoing development
  • Employee Self-Service® to empower employees with 24/7 access to their own HR data

For all your HCM needs in one application, request a meeting.

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