Easily meet operational and compliance demands for the most effective use of your workforce.

With our flexible scheduling software, you can:

  • control labor costs by reducing overstaffing and paying employees based on individual schedules
  • improve service quality and safety issues by avoiding understaffing
  • see who is working when, by department and by shift
  • monitor scheduled versus actual punches
  • forecast labor costs using powerful analytics
  • enjoy a seamless, automated workflow with payroll for no data re-entry

Beyond simple schedules, our employee scheduling software allows you to create and edit:

  • schedule and shift templates
  • schedule groups
  • exception rules via a point system in line with company policies
  • rounding or deviation rules for different pay classes
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With a clickable calendar and customizable colors, our Schedule Exchange feature uses simple drag-and-drop functionality so managers can:

  • allocate shifts on a day-to-day basis
  • automatically assign shifts to employees
  • get an instant, big-picture view on employee availability

Assigned shifts automatically display on employees’ timecards and within our self-service app, so employees can:

  • swap shifts with one another
  • issue requests for a shift to be picked up
  • enjoy anytime, anywhere access to their schedules
  • sync their work schedules with an Outlook calendar for easy viewing

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