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Talent and skill shortages have created a highly competitive landscape. To find employees who can execute your vision and power your business, you'll need every edge you can get.

A critical component — and one that could be costing you in your hiring battles — is your talent acquisition software. Let Paycom help improve your odds in winning the war for talent, get new hires to hit the ground running and reduce exposure to employment law violations.

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Talent Acquisition Analytics

Candidate Tracker makes it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to keep close tabs on potential employees with true potential. Unlike the individuals accessible through the existing Applicant Tracking tool, those managed by Candidate Tracker have not yet applied. The result is a higher-quality talent pool of future hires.

  • Build an instant, customizable database autopopulated from résumés.
  • Assemble a contact history searchable by school, degree, skill set, previous employer, ZIP code radius, follow-up date and more.
  • Measure the ROI of recruiting efforts to reveal where your prospect-networking dollars are best spent, and turn these passive people into active applicants!
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Applicant Tracking brings efficiency and insight to simplify the recruiting processes needed to hire the best people. By using Paycom’s all-in-one software, you can move candidates from the application process through onboarding without rekeying data.

  • Permit job seekers to submit their information before applying, allowing recruiters to find the best candidates quickly.
  • Customize job postings to attract talent.
  • Tie multiple job listings to a single requisition for more efficient posting.
  • Filter out unqualified applicants.
  • Benefit from customized dashboards and on-demand analytics of recruiting activity.
  • Implement faster onboarding with digital signatures and online document storage.

Reports include:

  • Applicant Flow Log — Ensure candidates comply with EEO and OFCCP guidelines.
  • Time to Fill Report — Allows a recruiter or HR professional to track the number of days it took to fill a position.
  • Applicant Sources Report — Determine which recruiting sites drive the most applicants.
  • Jobs by Status Report
  • Candidate Status Report
  • Open Requisition Report
  • Job Requisition Details Report
  • Approved/Denied Requisitions by User
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Tax Credit Services help employers get their share of more than $11 billion in government-appropriated funds. Paycom will qualify, process, calculate and secure the thousands of tax credits available. Any tax credits found are applied almost dollar-for-dollar against the federal income tax liability.

  • Pre-screen candidates instantly to see who is tax credit-eligible.
  • Outsource the cumbersome process of securing tax credits.
  • Pay nothing for the Tax Credit service if no credits are found.
Estimate how many tax credits you may be eligible for.
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Employment Background Checks ensure your hires are qualified and not presenting a risk to your employees, customers or business. Stay compliant with tools for authorizing background checks, creating pre-adverse and adverse action letters, and securely storing results, as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

  • Perform instantaneous and more thorough background checks.
  • Choose the types of searches conducted and how screening results are issued.
  • Run background checks on existing employees at any time.
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Onboarding streamlines your hiring processes by creating online checklists of tasks to be assigned to an employee or group of employees. Paycom improves the day-one productivity of new hires, as well as reduces compliance risks associated with the hiring process.

  • Electronically assign tasks by employee or employee groups for the completion of onboarding processes.
  • Set up checklists with tasks such as submitting W-4s, completing harassment training, setting up payroll, conducting exit interviews, changing employment status and more.
  • Access your Task Dashboard to review the onboarding checklist progress of employees.
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E-Verify® automates employment verification from within Paycom’s application and reduces your exposure to audits and penalties from I-9 violations. Employees can complete I-9s online with Electronic Signature Verification (ESV) and you can securely store completed I-9s in the Paycom system.

  • Automatically confirm employment eligibility with the Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify®.
  • Run E-Verify® checks from within Paycom’s application.
  • Securely store completed I-9s online.

Reports include:

  • Document Expiration Report — Paycom takes away the burden of keeping track of work authorization document expiration dates. By selecting this report from your E-Verify® menu, the report will show you which employees will need re-verification 90 days before the document is to expire.
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Where are your best people coming from? How productive are your recruiters? How long is it taking you to fill positions? If you can measure your talent acquisition activity, you can manage it. Paycom helps you do just that with more insight into your information than any other provider. Our real-time Report Center offers the ability not only to report across all data stored in the system, but across multiple years and EINs, in a variety of formats, with the following types of talent acquisition reports:

  • Applicant Flow/Source/Status
  • Job Status/Posts/Requests
  • Position Time to Fill
  • Background Check Reports
  • Task/Document Change Audit
  • E-Verify® Document Expiration
  • E-Verify® Company Information
  • Applicant Tracking and Document Management Report Writers allow you to create custom reports for a more comprehensive and graphical analysis of your activity.
  • Push Reporting lets you set up recurring reports once and schedule them to be run automatically and sent to specific users daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
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